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Minnesota gay Catholics to mark church offerings

Here’s a passive way to a strong statement about who’s paying the church’s way. But at this point, the question is why are gay Catholics tossing money in there at all? (KSTP):

Minnesota churches will soon see a sign of protest in collection plates.

Gay Catholics and their supporters plan to mark their donations to send a message to let the church know who exactly is giving them their money. Cash donations will be marked with a pink triangle around the pyramid on the back, while checks will have a notation in the memo field.

“If you want our money, then support us,” says parishioner Tom Degree. “They need to know how much they are receiving from GLBT congregants.” Degree and others are concerned about several positions the Catholic church has taken recently, such as banning gay priests.

“I think that’s a bright idea,” says Rachel Dykosky. “I think they should let them know where the money is coming from. The church needs to know who is supporting them.”

This got the knuckle-dragging, bigoted Freepers riled up with ugly sh*t…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“I wonder if the church would actually consider not taking the money? Or better yet earmark that money specifically to a counseling service geared toward turning gays back to heteros. Ha ha.”

“Just put the bill in the bill counter and let’r rip. I wouldn’t notice the “protest”. And if I saw it, I’d ignore it. I’ve written “bush 1″ on some dollar bills when I go into liberal onclaves. No big deal.”

“How ’bout the poofters give up their attachment to the sin of sodomy, rather than making stupid little protest gestures?”

“Is this like a substitute for confession? What should I put on my check if I spend too much time on the computer and sneak chocolate late at night?”

“I guess the queers think Benedict XVI is for sale.”

“Fine with me. But they shouldn’t be heard to complain if the church actually keeps track of the marked money from gays and compares it to the overall receipts.”

“I think its a weak attempt to trip up a church into participating in sin. The (twisted) logic being something like. “when you see our triangle bills, you’ll know that somewhere in your church are gay parishers, unrepentant and with no intention of leaving. By collecting, pooling and spending the money, the you will be benefitting (and by extention, sanctioning) our behaviour. Its like when the govt tries to force Catholic schools to adopt non-discrimination policies as a backdoor to forcing gay rights into the curriculum”

“Apparently homosexuals believe that morality is for sale.”

“It’s worse than a ‘substitute for confession’ … these people want the grotesque, perverted evil of sodomy to be called ‘good’. They’re doing the work of the “father of lies”.”

“Should anyone in Minnesota wish to counter protest, I suggest highlighting in gold, the words “In God We Trust” found on the back of all denominations of US currency.”

“Another way for homosexuals to blow some bucks.”


“The more reputable studies put the gay population at no more than 2% of the general population. If the culturally Catholic proportion of gays is the same as in the general population (about 25%), then we’re down to 0.5% of the overall population. But many Catholic homosexuals have already repudiated their membership in the Church, so the number is even smaller than that, perhaps only half. Further, among those who haven’t repudiated their membership, a sizeable number probably don’t attend Mass on anything like a regular basis, either (let’s assume half, again, which is actually better than the overall population, so I’m being generous), making the potential base for this “protest” very small indeed. “Therefore,” half of half of 0.5% of the 293,000,000 people in this country is…366,250 people. Nationwide. At most. I don’t think the Church will miss their money all that much! ;-)”

“these people want the grotesque, perverted evil of sodomy to be called ‘good’. They’re doing the work of the “father of lies”.”

“I agree that the father of lies is at their side when they protest. It is a tired shame. But, we should also realize that we also do the work of the father of lies when we use contraception (grotesque, perverted evil of “nuetered sex”).”

“There’s a pattern here. It seems to me that, since the seminary investigations began, and the Vatican statement on homosexuality is known to be ready for publication, the gay lobby in the Church is working overtime in a desperate effort to “shame” the Church into acquiescence. All sorts of “Catholic” colleges and “theologians” are weighing-in with their sophistries on this subject, and much of this finds its way onto the FR discussion boards as evidence. This pathetic effort is part and parcel of the larger campaign. The Church should just ignore it. Just to make sure, I think Between the Lines’ idea of highlighting in gold “In God We Trust” is an excellent thing to publicize as a counter-protest. Plus, it can be done on higher denominations than just “Ones”! Two can play this game!”

“Reminds me of the Gospel passage where Satan takes Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple and says “See all this? (the surrounding cities and towns) You can have it all if you just bow down and worship me!” Seems the homosexuals think the same way. ” See all this money? It’s all yours if you just support us.” Er…!!!!!”

“Excellent point. I’ve often mentioned that we wouldn’t be having the problem with homosexual aggressiveness (so to speak) that we have today, if heterosexuals hadn’t given themselves a moral pass for sins against chastity for the last two or three generations. It’s easy to condemn the sin that doesn’t tempt you, but much more difficult to repent of, and stop practicing, the one you think is necessary to your life. Did I mention drinking in the afternoon, and an excess of colorful language?”

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