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Leaked – Harriet's memo on ethics classes

Oh this is too funny. Madeleine Kane of MadKane has connections…

A top secret White House source leaked this Harriet Miers memo to me:
To: All EOP Staffers
Subject: Ethics classes
Date: November 3, 2005

Dear Staffers To the Smartest Man in the Whole World:

As you've probably heard, we've had a teensy glitch in the classified document leaks department: A certain fellow, who shall remain nameless, has been naughty lately, and the press is all over us.

Now we'd usually just ignore this sort of thing, but our cool Prez's poll numbers are in the pits. So we clearly have to send out a "we care about ethics" message, to get the {scatological expletive deleted} media off our Great Leader's back.

Here's what we're gonna do. I'll be holding ethics classes during the next two weeks, and you all have to come. Boooooooring!!! -- yes, I know. But I promise my class'll be really, really short. And needless to say, there won't be a test. Of course there will a gazillion page questionnaire.

Just kidding! HAHAHA!

As an extra inducement, I'll devote 95% of each session to a talk I like to call "Get The Government To Pay You Tons Of Money For Real Estate With Almost No Money Down." Which is a whole lot more interesting than ethics ... or constitutional law ... if ya know what I mean.

After all, a little birdie tells me many of you will be hiring criminal lawyers real soon ... and those guys are PRICEY!!! So the time to sock some cash away is NOW -- Big Time!

Please check the attached schedule to see which slot you've got, and be there or be square!

PS Here's a sneak preview of next week's briefing: Do not leak this memo!

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding