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* Roberts First LGBT Case ‘Defacto Victory’ At Supreme Court. Good news here, as the Roberts court refused to hear a case allowing discrimination against transgendered police officer. (365gay.com):

A federal appeals court upheld a jury’s finding that Barnes was a victim of discrimination, under a federal civil rights law. The city had been ordered to pay the officer $320,000, and pay another $550,000 in attorney fees. In 1999, Barnes, a 24-year veteran of the Cincinnati police force, dressed as a man at work but a woman during off-hours as she transitioned. At times, Barnes wore makeup to work and had manicured nails. The police department demoted her and Barnes went to court.

The case would have been a follow-up to a 1989 Supreme Court decision which made it more difficult for employers to win lawsuits accusing them of sexual stereotyping and other bias. That case involved a woman who argued she was denied promotion because her supervisors thought she did not act feminine enough.

* Civil unions rejected in NH (Boston.com): Gay rights activists took another hit Monday from a state commission studying same-sex unions, when the panel rejected a proposal that New Hampshire adopt Vermont-style civil unions.

The 8-3 vote against civil unions — during the panel’s final meeting — was the latest in a series of setbacks dealt to proponents of legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples. During previous meetings, the panel recommended amending the state constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The panel also has supported measures urging state lawmakers not to allow gays to marry, not to recognize out-of-state same sex unions and not to set up a domestic partner registry for couples who cannot marry legally.

Rep. Tony Soltani, R-Epsom, commission chairman, predicted disaster if New Hampshire adopted civil unions. “Society has to be prepared to agree to accept something before we shove it down their throat,” said Soltani, who last year voted for a gay marriage ban in the Legislature. “If we adopt this it’ll be no more than an experiment that we inflict on our children … I’m not prepared to use the children of this state as guinea pigs.”

* ‘Ex-gay’ can’t stay away from his boyz. (Wayne Besen). Hysterical. Wayne catches up with the famously ‘ex-gay’ Chad Thompson of InQueery, which “presents extensively researched, unbiased information on the nature of homosexuality, ex-gay issues, and the potential that all people have to change from homosexual to heterosexual.” He notes that there are no girls in sight. It’s all about male bonding over their heterosexuality…

I’m jealous of “ex-gay” leader Chad Thompson. He seems to be getting more action than I am. Or, at least, he finds a way to hang out with cute boys and pose with them for pictures. Maybe if I became an “ex-gay” I could hang out with Chadwick’s crowd of sexually frustrated studs. His ministry increasingly looks like a Bel Ami video, except with clothes.

As the Good Book says, love thy neighbor, especially if he is a twink.

* NC Baptists want to boot gay-affirming churches. (NBC17):

“We are holding on to gospel of the Lord and to the teachings of the word of God,” said Bill Sanderson, pastor of Hephzibah Baptist Church, in Wendell, and leader of a conservative faction within the Baptist Convention. “We must set a boundary on issues that say, ‘We go this far and no further.'” Sanderson’s amendment, which will be voted on when the convention meets next week in Winston-Salem, would tighten the requirements for church membership to the state convention by banning churches that endorse homosexual behavior, ordain openly gay clergy, perform gay marriages or accept openly gay members.

To add to the wingnut factor, Sanderson is also responsible for this unhinged quote about Desperate Housewives, which he sees as a sign that a time of reckoning is upon us:

“If God punished Sodom and Gomorrah as he did in the Scriptures, what’s he going to say to America?” he asked. “How’s he going to punish one and not the other?”

Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, Renee Thomas, left, and Angela Keathley in their mugshots.

* As Blender Impeach Bush said when she emailed this item, “Just wondering how many of the NC homophobes are going to have a problem with these cheerleaders doing the nasty with each other in a bathroom stall, on top of the lying & violence? Probably won’t be an issue…as long as it was all caught on tape!” (AP):

Witnesses said the women were having sex in a stall with each other, angering patrons waiting in line to get into the restroom at the club in the Channelside district. Thomas was charged with battery Sunday after allegedly striking a bar patron when she was leaving the restroom, then landed in even more trouble after police said she gave officers a driver’s license belonging to another Panthers cheerleader who was not in Tampa.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding