“With all due respect to the (Jamestown) Ministerial Association, no one is being forced to buy a ticket or see the show. But now people are being forced to not see the show. We’re not a bunch of heathens roaming through.”

— Penny Levin, a spokeswoman for the the male exotic dance troupe

The thought of the Australian male dance revue Thunder from Down Under performing at the Jamestown Civic Center was too much for North Dakota’s bible-beating Jamestown Ministerial Association to bear. (AP):

An official with Australia’s “Thunder from Down Under” male revue called cancellation of a scheduled North Dakota performance following protests from religious leaders a shocking form of censorship.

…The mayor and two city council members voted late Thursday to terminate the contract, after the Ministerial Association presented a petition protesting what pastors called a strip show.

Earlier, a Jamestown Civic Center sponsor sent an e-mail to the city administrator questioning having its logo associated with “pornography.”

Rev. Randy Jaspers, of Temple Baptist Church, called the show “the absolute wrong thing for Jamestown to bring in.” Lori Anderson, Civic Center manager, acknowledged dancers were “going to shed some clothes.” But she said she was surprised by the reaction.

A council member noted that the Ministerial Association moralizers didn’t have a problem with an Ultimate Fighting show with “guys trying to beat each other’s brains out.”

Thanks to Blender David, who passed this one along, and wryly noted: “Personally, I think being banned in Jamestown, ND is a blessing for Thunder Down Under. They should consider seeking an agent who can get them better gigs.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding