It’s actually a really dim bulb on the Great White Way, and it’s the Chimperor aping Evita, courtesy of Mike Tidmus:

More trouble for the international touring company of the hit musical, Bushita, as throngs of angry Argentine theatre goers pelted the cast with rotten tomatoes, petrol bombs and colorful language during the musical’s South American debut in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

The award-winning musical comedy, a collaboration of US State Department lyricist, Condi Rice, and noted Port Arthur, Texas composer Floyd ‘The Barber’ Webber, spins the dazzling tale of the rise to absolute power of North American military dictator Augusto José Ramón Walker Bush (affectionately known as Bushita) as viewed through the frequently-glazed eyes of his adoring wife Lara.

While the roles of Augusto and Lara were to have been played by Robbie Williams and Britney Spears, due to prior contractual obligations, funny man G. ‘Dubbie’ Bush and his real-life wife Laura (previously reviewed here) were flown in from beautiful Branson, Missouri at the last minute, adding to the annoyance of Argentine audiences.

Head over to Mike’s pad to see how the plot unfolds.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding