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Reading Judy, Part One

Because I was away watching the aspens turn (no, really, and they do turn in clusters!), I never really had a chance to do a thorough reading of Judy’s explanation of her involvement in the Plame Affair. But now that I’ve laid out what I suspect Libby was trying to get her to testify to before the grand jury, I want to go back and look at what she said–or what she said she said and what we ought to take from that. And what it means for Fitzgerald’s case(s). I should say right away that I agree with Digby and Douglas McCollam: Judy’s not telling us the truth here, she telling Libby what lies she told.

I should warn you though. Some of this analysis steers dangerously close to the kind of tedium for which I was awarded a PhD. If tedium turns you off, skip the "Narrative Voice" section and just pretend the rest of it makes sense. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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