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Domestic terrorist/former Klansman going to the big house for 14

These bigot bottom-feeders need to get a f*cking life. I’m sure that he will make plenty of friends on the inside… (The Chattanoogan):

A member of the North Georgia White Knights has been sentenced to 170 months for constructing pipe bombs and selling them to an undercover agent, intending that the bombs were to be used to destroy buses carrying migrant workers.

Daniel James Schertz, 27, was sentenced by Judge Curtis Collier.

Schertz had previously pleaded guilty to six felony counts including building and possessing destructive devices, transferring those destructive devices, teaching another person how to build destructive devices, possession of a firearm while subject to domestic violence restraining order and transferring explosive materials intending that they would be used to commit a crime of violence.

At the time of his guilty plea, Schertz admitted that he encountered an undercover informant while working security for the North Georgia White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at a Klan rally in Dunlap. Authorities said he instructed the informant along with undercover agents on how to build pipe bombs and how to place them on vehicles in such a way as to cause the most destruction. Schertz further admitted that he believed and intended that the pipe bombs he constructed were to be detonated on a bus carrying Mexican workers traveling to work in Florida.

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