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What's Wrong With Libertarianism

If you’ve followed my posts and the comments in this blog, you may know that I’ve got a very short temper when it comes to Libertarians. It’s the same sort of frustration one experiences when dealing with a spoiled child throwing a tantrum (“Wah! It’s MY money! Mine! Mine! I worked hard; I deserve it ALL!”), and it grows worse when the economically-successful ones blame poverty on moral failure and lament the discrimination and hardship they experience as a member of the top 1%.

So I was going to sit here and write an essay on exactly what is wrong with Libertarianism, when lo and behold, I found someone else beat me to it, and did a better job than I could have. It’s worth reading the whole piece, but I’ve also posted a few salient snippets over at Radical Writ.

Finally, I must publicly apologize to the Blend for getting so carried away on this one particular subject within the comments. I realize that my essay-length outbursts may have driven some people away from the forum. It shouldn’t be that way, and I promise to behave better in the future. I’ve just installed new software in my frontal lobe that now allows me to completely ignore libertarians; it’s available as freeware and I suggest that everyone else download it, too, from

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