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Florida principal yanks student op-ed because it's about homosexuality

“Homosexuals do not choose to be the way they are. It is a biological stimulation of the brain. … Some individuals think that they, with their extreme religious beliefs, can turn homosexuals to a heterosexual status. Those people, along with other homophobes in our country, set up counseling groups for homosexuals to try to change them.”

— from an opinion piece by Ridgeview High School senior Katie Thompson, which scared the bejesus out of the principal.

There is something seriously wrong in Clay County, Florida. In September a sixth-grade teacher, Larry Eger had to leave Pen Elementary School for gay-baiting two boys as discipline, bringing them to the front of the classroom and trying to make them hold hands, sit knee-to-knee and called them gay.

Now we have a homophobic principal that lost her cookies over a student article on being gay. (

Katie Thompson, a 17-year-old senior, wrote the column “Homosexuality is not a Choice,” for the Oct. 10 edition of the student newspaper at Ridgeview High School. Ridgeview is located in Clay County, about 12 miles south of Jacksonville.

Thompson, who is bisexual, said her teacher approved the 300-word essay, but Principal Toni McCabe objected and claimed the subject was “too mature for a high school audience.”

Principal Toni McCabe needs to get out a little.

Telephone calls Friday to McCabe, Clay County School Superintendent David Owens, school spokeswoman Darlene Mahla, all five School Board members and Thompson’s home were not immediately returned. According to an e-mail sent by Mahla to School Board members, the school principal was able to intercept the newspaper, Panther Prints, before it went to students.

…”I didn’t understand why – there’s no reason to pull this. It wasn’t overtly sexual or obscene or racist,” she told The Florida Times-Union. The student made copies of the article and began distributing it over lunch. She was again called back to McCabe’s office and threatened with suspension

Good for her. Why are these adults acting more like children?

And we can’t forget this Clay County brain fart. Lesbian student Kelli Davis only wanted to appear in a tux in her Fleming Island HS yearbook. It was rejected and only after threatening a lawsuit which resulted in a settlement, with the school board agreeing to change its senior portrait policy and add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy.

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Pam Spaulding