Russ, the CVM is just going to explode with pious pastors! Here’s another one, this time a greedy bastard in Ripon, CA, selling his church for $525K, buying his girlfriend a BMW and pocketing the rest. Praise Jeebus! (CBS 13)

A for sale sign never went up in front of the First Congregational Church in Ripon. Local police say the pastor peddled it on the sly and was spending the proceeds on big ticket items. It’s no doubt an understatement to say church members are shocked.

“It came out of nowhere, we didn’t have a clue”, says Church Leader David Prater…”We were devastated, we didn’t know how to explain it to anyone. People were hurt. People were crying”, says Prater.

…Sergeant Ed Ormonde said pastor Randy Radic put the money in a special account and started spending.

“There was approximately $460,000 that was deposited in the account. Then over a period of about two weeks almost half of the money was deposited into other accounts or withdrawn in cash.”, says Ormonde.

$102,000 dollars went for a 2006 BMW, which police have seized, along with about $350,000 in cash. Ormonde says the bank account and transactions made bankers suspicious and they contacted church leaders. The 52-year-old Radic faces felony counts of embezzlement and forgery. And the church’s small congregation still can’t believe it.

I love this line from Radic’s bio: “He is a well-prepared pastor who has the rare ability to produce scholarly lessons that are readily understandable by most Christians.”

Randy’s also an accomplished author, writing “The False Prophet and the Mark of the Beast,” and he writes under the pen name “Maximus Confessor.” You should check out his spiffy web site.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding