Late returns…and by ‘late’ we mean dearly departed

“Please stop your sobbing, mam. You’re making Mr Hanson grumpy.” Posted by Picasa

The other day I noted that October was a bad month for American soldiers but a good month for Rich Lowry because he’s safe at home in America. Oh yeah, and he’s still alive.

I see that the October ’05 death toll has been revised upward from 93 to 96.

…and here it is the 3rd of November and eight more Americans have died in a war that 55% of the American public realize was based on a series of lies.

I’m sure that Victor Davis Lisa Kudrow Hanson and Jeff Jacoby will tell us that eight soldiers dying in three days is nothing compared to the amount of people who die everyday from autoerotic asphyxiation, but you know how cavalier those guys are…

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