The lowdown on the inside has no upside

We can’t decide if NotAssrocket #2 is obtuse or just thinks everyone is, um, obtuser than him:

Within the journalistic trade, only Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard and Clifford May at National Review Online have devoted significant attention to this story. The story has received extraordinarily little attention from the bigfoot journalists of the mainstream media, who have by and large contented themselves with peddling the canard that the Bush administration was out to “punish” Wilson by “outing” his wife.

Today’s Wall Street Journal provides yet another instance of a journalistic outsider — Washington attorney Victoria Toensing — pursuing the relevant facts in the underlying story: “Investigate the CIA” (my emphasis)

Victoria Toensing is better known as a talking points whore-for-hire who, with her greasy husband Joe diGenova, are held in a constant circling pattern over Fox News for ‘legal’ expertise with just a soupçon of partisanship to make it slide down easy.

Go here to see how Victoria makes shit up.

Media Matters has a whole collection of lies and outright bullshit here and go to this one that basically debunks all the crap in her WSJ column.

‘Outsider’, my ass…

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