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Little Scottie McClellan's time may be up

Really, how much longer can his shredded credibility hold? He goes out there and just tells beastly lies, feebly attempting to shovel ten pounds of Administration sh*t in a five pound bag.

These days, Scottie’s plump little tushy is raw from the kicking received by the hungry, emboldened press corps. He’s often left looking like he’s about to cry, or perhaps curl into a fetal position.

According to The Raw Story, a NYT column tomorrow questions the ability of Scottie to be effective and whether he’s facing a final ass-kicking…out the door.

…an article written by Richard W. Stevenson for the White House Memo column will discuss White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s predicament, RAW STORY has learned.

The nature of McClellan’s job requires him to “face his inquisitors in the press corps every day.” Questions are fired him at nearly every press conference about his assurances to reporters two years ago that Libby and Rove didn’t play a role in the leaking of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s name.

“Can McClellan survive the wound to his credibility — and how did he get in this bind in the first place?”

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