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Do wingnuts in Texas have anything better to do than this?

Texas Southern Baptists Resolve to Investigate Homosexual Activism in Schools. Yes, that’s the actual headline. As people are now early voting on a state marriage amendment (see below), we’ve got the bible-beaters voting to to sniff out members of the gay cabal that they believe are recruiting children in the public schools and teaching them – OMG – tolerance.

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention has unanimously passed a resolution encouraging Christian parents to look into whether their local public schools are involved in homosexual activism and, where this is the case, to pursue alternative choices for their children’s education.

The measure submitted to the convention by messenger Mark Cole urges Texas Southern Baptists to investigate whether the public schools in their area are promoting homosexuality and, if so, to seek more suitable options for their kids — options such as private Christian schools or home education. Dr. Gary Ledbetter, a spokesman for the Texas Convention, says the public school resolution is similar to one passed last summer at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

…”There are other agendas, particularly the homosexual agenda, that have been very aggressive in promoting tolerance of what we consider to be destructive and unbiblical lifestyles — and building that tolerance into our children,” Ledbetter contends. “And they’re finding a listening ear. Whether it’s on the Supreme Court, or whether it’s the textbook manufacturers, the National Education Association — we find ourselves up against some pretty big boys.”


Things are getting really hot as those opposed to the Texas marriage amendment are using quotes from prominent state conservatives in phone ads, enraging the wingers. (

Supporters of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Texas went into a rage Wednesday after a group opposing the measure launched a new series of telephone ads using the words of two well known conservative Republicans.

Save Texas Marriage is targeting a million homes in Texas with the message that the amendment is so badly worded it would outlaw common-law marriages among opposite-sex couples and nullify wills and other agreements between unmarried couples.

Hecht (l) and Abbott are having conniptions over the use of their quotes.

The ads use quotes from Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht and Attorney General Greg Abbott to back up the group’s claims. The quote by Justice Hecht comes from what he told the Austin American-Statesman last month about how Harriet Miers, a personal friend and at the time a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, might rule on abortion. “When you’re construing the Constitution or statute, you’re stuck with what’s there,” Justice Hecht said then.

The quote by Abbott was taken from a written statement he made in 1997 in a ruling that denied Log Cabin Republicans a booth at the Republican Party of Texas convention. Abbot said that “literal text” is important but also said judges “may consider such things as” historical context and framers’ intent.

Both Abbot and Hecht denounced the ads on Wednesday. Hecht called them a “wave of fraudulent calls” and said as a judge he has no public position on the amendment.

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