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The Dark Wraith speaks…on the filibuster

Surf over to Big Brass Blog to read The Dark Wraith‘s post on “The Filibuster, the Quorum, and the Nuclear Exchange.”

It’s a nice breakdown of the mechanics we will see in the Alito fight. DW’s commentary:

If the nomination of Samuel Alito comes to the full Senate, and if it looks like the Republican leadership has the votes to confirm him, the Democrats should filibuster. If the Republicans pull out their “nuclear option” and end the right of filibuster on Executive Branch nominations to the judiciary, then the Democrats should all walk out, save for one Senator who demands that a quorum be proved instead of being merely assumed by the Majority Leadership. Any Democrat who doesn’t honor the denial of quorum walk-out gets kicked out of the Party and forced either to go Independent or to join the Republicans. It doesn’t matter how powerful that Democrat is; as soon as he’s no longer a Democrat, hang around his neck the label “Republican,” and make everyone in America know that this is just another one of the fiscally reckless, ethically bankrupt members of the GOP who couldn’t keep a federal budget balanced, who couldn’t keep terrorists from knocking down our buildings, and who couldn’t resist lying through their teeth to the American people so they could start a useless, savage, endless war for the benefit of pumping federal money by the hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of their corporate cronies.

In other words, let the loss for the Democrats of this Supreme Court nomination fight be the training ground where they not only learn how to fight like they want the country back, but where they also learn how to kill their own weaklings to get it back.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding