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Other AmTaliban on the White House Alito Batphone

The NYT confirms more of the wingnuts that were consulted in advance of the Alito announcement (remember, the Senate was left out of the loop). Among the usual suspects (“close conservative allies”), signing off on the pick:

* Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention

* Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation

* Jerry Falwell
Dobson isn’t mentioned in this article, but you know he was working this nomination from the start. Yesterday, I posted about fringe group Concerned Women for America getting the call to provide a thumbs up for the Administration. Homo-obsessed, penis-possessing CWA leader Bob Knight was most certainly happy to be in on things. Tony Perkins and his outfit are getting hard-ons thinking about the political battle ahead. I’m sure he was on the Batphone as well.

The Family Research Council, a Christian conservative group, said it would begin running television advertisements with a religious theme in the states of potentially pivotal senators. Tony Perkins, president of the organization, said he also planned a special broadcast to churches and Christian radio and television networks as well.

The air went out of everything a month ago,” Mr. Perkins said, because of conservative doubts about Ms. Miers. “Now everything is getting inflated again.”

Social conservatives have been campaigning for decades to turn around Supreme Court decisions about abortion rights, prayer in the schools, obscenity and, most recently, gay rights, Mr. Perkins said, so the chance to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the swing vote on the court, with a proven conservative has been “decades in the making.” He added, “We are ready to rumble.”

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