I’m not feeling well today, so posting will be light. I did, however, want to pass on some mail that you should enjoy.

Feel free to blogwhore and go off-topic.

First, from a “fan” that read about my post on a book about Sundown Towns, which are municipalities that purposely ran blacks that had the misfortune to want to live in them out of town with physical intimidation, arson, restrictive ordinances and violence. [By the way, Highland Park, Texas — home to both Chimpy and Darth — did not have a home-owning black family until 2003.]

Subject: website
From: uclavol1

I stumbled on your site looking for an all white town in hopes there was some left. So many of us are so tired of you people complaining about everything under the sun. You and your race are the reason we don’t want to be around you. We seek segragation. You actually think that this country would be anything without the whites? Our brains, leadership, and foresight is what continues to make this country and every other country work. There are some countries that your people are in charge of, all in Africa. Look at the shape they are in. That says it all.

Be grateful you can be in the U.S., and have the idiotic lifestyle you have. Thank goodness your way of thinking is among a small minority.

I didn’t even respond to that numnut.

And here’s a bigot offended by our wedding. Apparently they don’t like homo race-mixing (it’s not like we’re actually procreating, which is the usual “logic” behind this nonsense):

From: Windrider45
Subject: Visited Your Site

I just visited your website and noticed a “wedding picture” of you and your “wife”. After initially being pleased that there was another intelligent African-American voice being aired in cyber-space, this pleasure quickly turned to irritation and honest disgust upon seeing whom you decided to marry.

People like you I just do not understand. So proud in ones heritage but marries outside the race. Priceless.

Next up is a letter from a Mormon that was upset with my post, Head of Mormon church: “Gays have a problem” because it described the fact that the church unfortunately played a role in practice of “reparative aversion therapy” to rid gay Mormons of their homosexual orientation.

The LDS is not directly affiliated with organizations like Evergreen that performed the “therapy”, but it did refer unhappy gays to “services” designed to “help” them so that they would straighten up — and not have to face rejection by the family and the church. [An MTV documentary featured the story of Jayce, who wanted so badly to “de-gay” himself that he submitted himself to electrical shock treatments administered to his genitals.] The church has made public statements distancing itself from these kinds of places recently, but it’s impossible to corroborate whether the practice continues.

Subject: In response
From: “Stacey”

I have just read your take on my beloved prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley and his teachings on homosexuality.

I have an uncle who is gay, and have met a few friends in my life who are gay. As mormons we believe they are fantastic people who have used their god-given agency in this life to choose as they will. We believe it to be a wrong choice, but only God will have the ability to punish. Our church simply tries to help people make correct choices before they stand before God’s judgement seat – which we all will have to do someday. I think almost every religion believes in that, so why is this so shocking to everyone?

I have never heard of the shock therapy written of on your site and yet I have lived in Utah my entire life. My husband is also a part-time student at BYU. I believe you have gotten your information from a very unreliable source.

I have also heard people think mormons have horns like goats and that we practice polygamy. Both are also false.
I have only one other thing to say and that is that I am saddened that you will never know the love our prophet has for the world. When terrible floods and earthquakes and all sorts of natural disasters are happening around the world, it is wonderful to be a part of such a marvelous religion. We have programs helping so many needy parts of the world. All we teach is love and all we get from people like you is an incredibly uneducated response. I dare you to read the Book of Mormon. Pray to God asking if its true. You will never have the same opinion of us again. That is a promise.

BTW, I never said anything about Mormons and goat-like horns.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding