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Losers, crybabies whine as Senate re-opens

Little Ricky, Cat Killer Frist and hang ’em high Lott whine because Harry shut them down. (AP)


The Senate is now back in public session after more than two hours behind closed doors. The unusual private session was prompted by Democrats unhappy that Republicans haven’t investigated intelligence used by the administration that led to the war in Iraq. Immediately after returning to public session, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts says Republicans have “agreed to do what we agreed to do.”

Democrats charged they’d been asking for that investigation for a year, to no avail. That prompted their leader, Harry Reid, to force the Senate into an unusual closed session. He says Republicans “have repeatedly chosen to protect the Republican administration.”

Love this puking from WingnutDaily:

Speaking to reporters in the hall outside the Senate chamber, Majority Leader Bill Frist shot back, charging the Senate “has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership.”

They have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas,” he said. Frist said the Democratic Party leadership did not warn him in advance of the move, which Republicans called a “political stunt.”

It means from now on, for the next year and half, I can’t trust Senator Reid,” the Tennessee lawmaker said.

As if we could trust these clowns with picking up our garbage!?

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