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Homo-hater Alaska Gov calls for amendment to block gay benefits

Murkowski and Dyson have a problem.

What sick bastards. The state already bars same-sex marriage, yet the mean SOB seeks to add another amendment to ban benefits for the same-sex partners of public employees. (Juneau Empire and AP):

Gov. Frank Murkowski and a Republican state senator are vowing to fight Friday’s Alaska Supreme Court ruling by changing the state constitution.

Juneau resident Lin Davis, also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said the response to the ruling is a step back in the struggle to give homosexual partners the same rights as married couples. “I think it really puts a mirror up to (Murkowski),” Davis said.

Alaska became the 12th state on Friday to offer same-sex benefits to partners of state employees when the court unanimously ruled that denying benefits violated the Alaska Constitution’s equal protection clause.

Sen. Fred Dyson of Eagle River and the Department of Law already are drafting an amendment borrowing language from Ohio’s constitution. It says: “No provision of this constitution shall be interpreted or applied so to require the state or its political subdivisions to extend or assign the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities or effects of marriage to any other union, partnership or legal status.”

If the amendment passes through the Legislature next session, then the public would be asked to approve the change next year.

Thanks to Blender Michelle for the pointer.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding