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Freepers on Harry Reid, Gang of 14

A little late getting this up, but not forgotten. The Freepi were squealing like little piggies, but full of bluster that the Dems were ineffective. It sounds more like they are trying to convince each other that all is still under control, as they pass the flask of Kool-Aid around.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has demonstrated contempt for even the semblance of civility by moving for a closed session of the Senate, without conferring with the GOP leadership. Such tactics are evidence of just how frustrated Democrats have become.”

“Let em pull this stunt every day. They’re playing along to the kooks who are now their party’s base. If Reid wants to rewrite history, let him.”

“I predict The Mother Of All Backfires.”

“I’d pick this time to bring a bill to the floor on immigration. Right now…. And vote on it.”

“What utter A-holes! The Democratic Party is collapsing.”

“The Republicans should merely do a point of order, vote, and get this stunt over with. Of course — the RINOs will want to “hear them out” and “discuss” — which plays right into the Dim hands. The only reason they want a secret meeting is so they can claim “lies” and then when confronted say “it’s secret.” Total B.S.”

“Frist said it well. Described them and their gutter tacticts to the T.”

“Lets see if the Pres steps up and calls a press conference tonight…Important to send a message that this will not be tolerated…”

“GWB has escaped their traps and they can’t stand it.”

“They hope to stall the Senate until Sandra O’Connor falls off her chair at the SCOTUS.”

“Frr once Id like the President capitalize on and call them out on these stunts. Its like we are the no-backbone party.”

“Xackly! Frist will play it their way.”

“Gosh, if they want to about the lead-up to the Iraq war, they’re a little too late! We’re already there! Rats iz soooo stoopit.”

“The GOP should turn the investigation into that of the role of the CIA in running an operation against the administration in a time of war.”

“If nothing else, Frist will do it because he wants to be of TV. What a loser.”

“No worry. A “leak” will give the details of the session to the MSM.”

“You said it! We have traitors in Congress and the gutless Rhinos that will not do anything. I agree: The President should go on the air and call it as it is: Treason – at time of War!”

“Un-freaking-believable… They should go to Roswell, and sit in the desert and have a slumber party and do each other’s hair.”

“You are right on it. Rush is correct. They want to impeach Bush. O’Reilly last week mentioned Rush and thought it ridiculous. He’ll be proved wrong.”

“Filthy traitors. They value their party over the counrty.”

“Implement the nuclear option now and get it over with. Fight dirty time”

“Man, what a bunch of irrellevant folks… How did we as a nation get to a point where people I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog are are Senators?”

“Yup. This is a step toward screaming for impeachment. And if they do that, expect the RINOs on the “Gang of 14″ to vote in it’s favor.”

“What a bunch of temper tantrum throwing little girls these whiney Dimocrap loserist DimoGenerates are. Yes, Martha… They *are* that big a bunch of traitorous cowardly wussy liars, that would sink that low.”

“GRANDSTANDING 101. The closed session is only so the demcRATS can get even more TV time than normal. They will drone on about things brought up in the closed to the press session that would have been of zero interest had the session been “open”. They are freaking since no one is paying hommage to their drivel and it unnerves them. Then again when a Senator like Barbara Boxer opens her mouth, nothing more than sheer stupidity is on parade. That can’t help there TV image. Please we want to hear from Boxer, again and again and again.”

A little bonus for you, since the Dems showed some balls today, there is a bit of wariness about what will happen with the Alito nomination, given the Gang of 14 plan to meet to discuss strategy. The “Gang” is composed of 14 members of the Senate; John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike DeWine (R-OH), John Warner (R-VA), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lincoln Chafee (R-RI), Joe Lieberman (D-CT), Robert Byrd (D-WV), Ben Nelson (D-NE), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Daniel Inouye (D-HI), Mark Pryor (D-AR), and Ken Salazar (D-CO). They want to avoid the filibuster.

Why? Let it happen. What is the point of having a filibuster if you aren’t going to use it? The Freepers want it shut down.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“If McCain pulls a power play here, I and a lot of other people are going to PO’d to the max.”

“Perhaps the “Gang of 14″ members can swap recipes while they caucus?”

“I can’t believe Lindsey Graham would participate in this.”

“Then you don’t know much about John Edwards’ and John McCain’s little buddy.”

“Yeah, something happened to the senator after he left the House and entered the Senate. Perhaps his shoes are too tight?”

“Lindsey Graham is one strange person.”

“Graham’s always been like that. He got a lot of conservative adulation for being an impeachment manager, but he’s always been …. McCainish, we’ll say.”

“Perhaps the Republican participants can hand over their resumes. If they screw this up, they should get a nice opportunity to use them.”

“I am very weary over 14 Senators meeting to decide the fate of a nominee. That is the job for the Judiciary Committee and then the FULL senate. There is no way that this little cabal should have this kind of clout. Maybe the democrats like operating this way, but these so called Republicans should be stripped and whipped on the floor of the Senate (figuratively speaking that is).”

“I’m tired of the Gang of 14. They are nothing but fence-riders. Next election will clear some of them out.”

“This is the part of the 14 I don’t get. If a judge was previously approved, how could he be considered extreme now? If he is extreme now, why wasn’t he extreme for the lower courts? Why are they allowing extremist of any kind on the lower courts?”

“This “gang of 14” crap needs to be brought to an abrubt halt. The Rino’s on that “gang” need to stripped of every committee seat they have and informed they can sit on Republican committee seats when they are sure they want to be Republicans.”

“You are so right. I’d like to know the difference between a judge legislating from the bench and allowing 14 misrepresentatives to hijack the entire senate.”

“McCain cannot vote to sustain a fillibuster on Alito, and then run for president in 2008. He would be finished instantly.”

“I say blow it.. FIRE IN THE HOLE…”

“Just a thought…..McCain will use the “gang of 14” as his trump card to the ’08 nomination. By having the “gang” prevent a filibuster, and obtaining an up or down vote for Alito, McCain will endear himself to the hearts of conservatives.”

“perhaps. but also consider that McCain is out of favor with the conservative base, he could use this Alito thing to pivot on if he leads to stop the fillibuster. I guarantee that you will see alot of people here on FR with “new found respect” for McCain if he votes to break the fillibuster, and brings a couple of other Rs in the gang with him. its a way to make lemonade out of lemons fo
r him.”

“Actually I don’t have a big problem with the gang of 14 as of yet. I guess I not too thrilled of the use of a filibuster for any old reason by either side. If they hold together on this then Alito gets confirmed. PEriod. It seemed to perform its function during the Roberts nomination.”

“If Frist has the stones, he needs to go to each “gang” member and let them know that whatever committee they are on is gone from this moment forward. They will be put on the lowest committee possible until they realize that they are Republicans and not feudal lords. They should also find out that any and all pork projects for their people will be cut for “deficit reduction” until further notice. It’s time to play hardball. It’s time for Frist to drop a mini nuke and maybe that will let the democrats know that he is willing and able to drop the mother nuke.”

“Unlikely, for two reasons. FIrst, Frist doesn’t have the stones. Second, the seven (R) members of the Gang makes up one-eighth of all (R) senators – too many for him to pull a power play of that sort.”

“This gang of 14 is nothing than a group of nuts that are trying to take over the nomination process. McNut is the traitor to the Republican Party and is a liberal CRAT. We should start the process of tossing him out of the party and exposing him so he will lose the next election.”

“I’ll say it again. 14 is a cover-up, Gang of 7 is the reality. These 7 are a ‘gang’, they have rebelled against their party and have an independent, mischievous agenda leading to build their own power. These 7 are negotiating with Democratic bank-rollers, through the senate Democrats, with these 7 being helpless surrogates. Acting president McCain and Lindsey, IMO have bit off more than they can chew. Lindsey can recover, but McCain is toast.”

“If Frist has the stones, he needs to go to each “gang” member and let them know that whatever committee they are on is gone from this moment forward. They will be put on the lowest committee possible until they realize that they are Republicans and not feudal lords. They should also find out that any and all pork projects for their people will be cut for “deficit reduction” until further notice.”

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