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Bob Knight loses his cookies over gay adoptions

Like clockwork, we can expect at least one homo-obsessive quote from Bob Knight each week. Here’s his latest, courtesy of AgapePress.

A pro-family activist says people should be alarmed over the fact that Catholic Charities of Massachusetts is allowing homosexuals to adopt children. Catholic Charities has placed 13 children with homosexual couples over the past few years. Church leaders say they are just following state law.

But Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute disagrees with the action. “They have no business deliberately placing children in homosexual households just to please the state,” he says. There are some Catholic Church leaders who support and praise the action. Knight wonders how the agency can place children in “motherless or fatherless households by design in which a sin is the central organizing principle of the household?” He says the church has to be held accountable for the adoptions. Many church members want their leaders to fight the law.

And what, exactly, does Bob want to do to punish the church for its sins?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding