Frist, do no harm.

Gimme a seven-year old girl.
I think I can whip her ass…
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Bill Frist, who seems to have better luck with defenseless kitties, today learned the law of unintended consequences.

Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, and other senior Republicans said Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, had blindsided them by invoking a seldom-used rule and that the maneuver had seriously damaged relations in the Senate, where partisan tension was already high.

“This is an affront to me personally,” an angry Mr. Frist said.

He said would find it difficult to trust Mr. Reid any longer.

“It’s an affront to our leadership,” Mr. Frist said. “It’s an affront to the United States of America. And it is wrong.”

How’s this, Senator Dr. Mr. Frist:
Suck on it, you inside-trading, cat-killing, homo-hating, would-blow-James Dobson-for-a-shot-at-the-presidency dumbass. If you hadn’t gone and campaigned against Tom Daschle, you wouldn’t be getting bitch-slapped like Jonah Goldberg in a leather bar. No offense to Daschle, but he never would have had the balls to pull this off.

You made your bed, now quit sniveling, you whiny-assed bitch, and go lie in it.

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