The O’Beirne with two heads

Kate O’Beirne has become, what should we call it?….unhinged by the Senate closed session. First:

A little friendly advice for the outraged Senate GOP leadership: You all take yourselves and the manners and mores of the Senate far more seriously than the universe of people who have never served there. Drop the “unsenatorial” line – Reid’s behavior on that score offends you more than it does the rest of us. Acuse(sic) them of having political motives – wanted a politicized investigation and didn’t get it – a bipartisan Senate report found that pre-war intelligence wasn’t politicized – mad over the nominaton of Sam Alito because he’s such a strong candidate – i.e. they are Joe Wilson-Democrats, a bunch of frustrated losers.

Later, after her third Manhattan:

The Senate showdown gives us some idea of what it would look like if the Boy Scouts tried to take on the mafia.

Soooooo…is she saying that the Boy Scouts (that would be the Democrats) are guilty of bad “behavior”? And the Republicans are the Mafia? And how does that square with notorious Italian-American jurist and abortionist knee-capper Samuel “Sloppy Seconds” Alito? Or are the Republicans now the Boy Scouts and are woefully overmatched?

Jesus. It’s starting to look like their talking points are starting to overlap. It’s chaos, I tell you. Chaos.

Just like Iraq.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....