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Wilson says leak destroyed wife's CIA career

Let’s not take our eye off the ball, as much as the White House and the GOP apologists would like us to. Joe Wilson was on 60 Minutes last night, underscoring the gravity of the crimes committed in the White House for political payback. (Reuters):

Valerie Plame’s nearly two-decade career at the CIA and the secret life she crafted to conceal it were blown when her identity was revealed by a newspaper columnist, her husband, Joe Wilson said in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday.

Novakula from Russ.

Wilson, a former career diplomat, said Plame, 42, was in shock when she saw her name and that of her fictitious employer published in a syndicated column by Robert Novak.

“She felt like she’d been hit in the stomach. It took her breath away,” Wilson said.

“When he published her name– it was very easy to unravel everything about her, her entire cover,” Wilson said. “You live your cover.”

Asked whether she realized then that her career as a CIA undercover agent was over, Wilson said: “Absolutely. Sure. There was no doubt about it in her mind. And she wondered for what.”

Wilson contends that his wife’s identity was deliberately revealed by the Bush administration to get back at him for publicly challenging U.S. prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff Lewis Libby was indicted on Friday on obstruction of justice and perjury charges in the two-year-old investigation into who leaked Plame’s identity.

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