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Spitting on the casket of Rosa Parks

I feel sick. This president is completely, utterly base. (AP):

Wasting no time, the White House arranged for Alito to go to the Capitol after the announcement.The schedule called for Senate Majority Leader Bill First to greet him and accompany the nominee to the Capitol Rotunda to go to the coffin of the late civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks.

And if you’re looking for a strong reaction from Democrats, look at the weak pablum from Harry Reid.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said he was disappointed with the pick and that the Senate, which must confirm the pick, will now have to determine whether Alito is “too radical for the American people.”

“I look forward to meeting Judge Alito and learning why those who want to pack the court with judicial activists are so much more enthusiastic about him than they were about Harriet Miers,” Reid said.

You can contact your Senators here.


Reaction to the nomination (AP):

“Judge Alito is unquestionably qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court. And on the bench, he has displayed a judicial philosophy marked by judicial restraint and respect for the limited role of the judiciary to interpret the law and not legislate from the bench.” — Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.


“Rather than selecting a nominee for the good of the nation and the court, President Bush has picked a nominee whom he hopes will stop the massive hemorrhaging of support on his right wing. This is a nomination based on weakness, not strength.” — Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.


“Judge Alito is the best there is. The Democrat-controlled Senate recognized these qualities in Judge Alito when it unanimously confirmed him to the court of appeals.” — Wendy Long, counsel for the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network.


“President Bush put the demands of his far-right political base above Americans’ constitutional rights and legal protections by nominating federal appeals court Judge Samuel Alito to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.” — Ralph Neas, president of the liberal People For the American Way.


“The president has made an excellent choice today which reflects his commitment to appoint judges in the mold of (Antonin) Scalia and (Clarence) Thomas. Sam Alito, a 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals judge, has consistently embraced the original intent of the Constitution.” — Kay Daly, president of the conservative Coalition for a Fair Judiciary.


“It is sad that the president felt he had to pick a nominee likely to divide America instead of choosing a nominee in the mold of Sandra Day O’Connor, who would unify us. This controversial nominee, who would make the court less diverse and far more conservative, will get very careful scrutiny from the Senate and from the American people.” — Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.


“The nomination of Harriet Miers has split conservatives unlike anything I can remember. The debate will not end, in fact it will become more intense.” — Gary Bauer, a onetime Republican presidential candidate who now heads the conservative group American Values Coalitio

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