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I have to agree with Shakes Sis on the Chimp’s love fest with the AmTaliban and Alito:

You know, the thing that makes me angriest about this is that Bush is still playing to his base, that 30% or so who think that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church, as if he’s still running for something. It’s always, always politics; it’s all they know how to do. Never has there come a time when he has seemed to recognize that he needs to govern instead of campaign, or that he’s president of the entire United States. He has never even remotely acknowledged that he is supposed to be a steward of this country for all of us, instead of turning the country into a utopian paradise for its cruelest and most self-interested elements. Prick.

You can bone up on the White House talking points to combat attacks from the left on Alito, indicating that the goons know where the nominee’s tender spots are (hat tip, Charlie).

The Heretik is collecting Scalito links…

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Scalito air-kiss from his fans

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding