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Daddy Dobson, Bauer, Scalito's mom weigh in

“Of course, he’s against abortion.”
— 90-year-old Rose Alito, helping clear things up before Sam even fills out his questionnaire.

It didn’t take long for the bible beaters to come out, and Alito’s mom helps them rest easy that their guy’s on the same page of the KJV.

Dobson’s experiencing an orgasm — but will he feel guilty about it later?

“We are extremely pleased by President Bush’s selection of Judge Samuel Alito, who has earned the respect of colleagues in both parties for his legal acumen and courtroom demeanor. As a federal judge for the last 15 years, Judge Alito has demonstrated that he understands the role of the judiciary is to interpret existing law in light of the Constitution, not make new law in service to a personal political agenda.

Perhaps the most encouraging early indication that Judge Alito will make a great justice is that liberal senators such as Harry Reid and Charles Schumer and leftist pressure groups such as People for the American Way and Planned Parenthood have been lining up all day to scream that the sky is falling. Any nominee who so worries the radical left is worthy of serious consideration.

“Based on what is now known about Judge Alito, we applaud the president for this outstanding nomination.”

Little Gary Bauer thinks he’s fair and balanced:

“For fifteen years Judge Alito has served on the federal bench, providing an extensive and distinguished record that demonstrates a consistent philosophy of judicial restraint, faithfulness to the Constitution, and respect for the values of the American people. He is a mainstream conservative who will uphold the best traditions of our nation’s highest court.

Hat tip, Blogenfreude.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding