Thr drunken chinless guy wants to step outside

C’mon man…bring it on. But first let me put down my Zima… 

Pretty darn scary words from a pudgy frat boy:

The “Scalito” nickname guarantees that this will be a retroactive proxy fight over Antonin Scalia, and the conservative, strict constructionist philosophy in general. I think that at this moment, many, many conservatives, confident that the American people want judges to be judges, and not legislators, are stretching, flexing their muscles, and pounding the chest, whispering menacingly, “Bring. It. On.”

Oh. For. Fucks. Sake.
Is this guy serious? He’d be laughable if he weren’t so ridiculously sad and goofy looking.

““Bring. It. On.”

Oh, Jesus….

I see there is a lot of this going on.

You know, if half of these ‘bring it on’ clowns would just sign up to go to Iraq…well, we’d still be losing but life would be quieter.

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