We are merely children with naught but good intentions

Dick and Scooter – totally non-Machiavellian:

The vice president and his chief aide often shared bits of secret information, so perhaps it was unremarkable that on June 12, 2003 (according to the indictment handed up last week), Dick Cheney told Scooter Libby that Joe Wilson’s wife worked for the Counterproliferation Division in the CIA’s secret Directorate of Operations, also known as the Clandestine Service. Libby had been agitating to find out more about Wilson, an ex-diplomat who had been telling reporters that the administration’s main case for going to war in Iraq—that Saddam had WMDs—was bogus.

It is a good bet that Cheney and Libby did not think they were conspiring to trash a political foe by ruining his wife’s career as an undercover agent. Given their view of themselves and their roles in the world, especially post 9/11, it is much more likely they believed that they were somehow safeguarding the republic. It’s also a good bet that they did not foresee the disastrous consequences of their conversation, as well as a series of others between Libby and government officials and several reporters in the summer of 2003. Libby, as well as his boss, operated, at least in their own minds, on a higher plane.

Yup. They were just sitting up in their He-Man Islamohaters tree fort protecting it from the evil kids from the other neighborhood, when one of the rocks they threw accidently hit a girl and they’re really realy really really sorry.

…and they won’t do it again.




Yeah. Like I would tell you....