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WingNutDaily columnist on Halloween

Photo enhancement by Mike Tidmus. See schoolmarm Linda here.

Halloween marks and highlights the forces of darkness. It’s a showcase for mediums, fortune-telling, occult beliefs, to become more and more mysteriously appealing to uninformed children, all whilst they are surrounded in today’s America by the lure of “magick.” We’re not in Kansas anymore. It’s 21st-century America, where Christian parents lovingly hand their kids novels where the child hero is tutored in witchcraft. Hello?

— Linda Harvey, of Mission[ary Position] America

Mike Tidmus, a blogger and frequent contributor of some seriously hysterical graphic images to my pad, sent me the above graphic of earlier in the week, saying “I have a feeling you might need this. I just couldn’t stand looking at her.” I told him that the graphic was perfect, because it was only a matter of time before she opened her pie-hole again and uttered something completely absurd and deserving of the image above.

Of course I was right. Queen of all things good for children in Mission[ary Position] America, Linda Harvey, has written another WingNutDaily column, this time on the evils of Halloween — and the damnation it foists on our youth and the family. Satan is everywhere.

I do love the twisted gyrations Linda goes through to explain away the “paganism” and commercialism surrounding Christmas and Easter.

Certainly not every child who goes trick-or-treating understands that it’s the highest “holy” day of celebration for those immersed in the occult. But unless their parents are living under a rock, they can’t have missed the wild popularity of “Harry Potter” and its many off-shoots. Only the brain-dead can fail to perceive that supernatural themes have eclipsed almost every other genre in youth media. The gatekeepers are not watching, don’t get it, or don’t care. It’s almost as if Satan had some real power! The results portend spiritual trouble for this generation of biblically-illiterate kids. And so, we send them out in today’s climate of supernatural evil’s immense popularity, to celebrate it?

…Parents who claim to be Christian, who claim to love God and be followers of Jesus Christ, must not read their Bibles either. Don’t they remember the clear admonitions against sorcery, witchcraft, all the forces of darkness? (Deuteronomy 18:10-12; 1 Samuel 15:23; Acts 19:19; Galatians 5:19-20) Or do they think this stuff is a joke?

…And those who say that, if we sacrifice Halloween, we’d have to stop celebrating Christmas and Easter, haven’t thought this through. Yes, there were originally pagan holidays near Christmas and Easter, but Christ’s birth and resurrection have really re-claimed both of these, despite the commercialization. Worldwide, people know what both these holidays are about.

God has left Halloween untouched. There is no significant Christian spiritual or historical event that occurs near Oct. 31. I think that might be deliberate by the Almighty, as a test. There is no “gospel” message in Halloween. It’s a vacuum, and into vacuums rush all the demons of deception.

This goes on and on. I think I want to send Linda to a Hell House for reinforcement of the traditional values espoused on the holiday that she’s missing out on.

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