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Daddy Dobson's legal goons pick on MCC

“Well, it’s a Goliath versus David situation. As a relatively small Christian denomination, we don’t have the financial resources to go up against one of the largest Right Wing organizations in existence, and quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to invest our funds to fight them. We’d rather put those monies into our ministry programs that provide faith and hope for people.”

— Reverend Nancy L. Wilson, presiding bishop of the Metropolitan Community Churches, on legal threats from Dobson’s Focus on the Family

The Metropolitan Community Church is under fire from the legal dogs for James Dobson‘s Focus on the Family because of a similarly named program of the MCC that ministers to people with AIDS, deals with infant mortality issues and performs outreach to the GLBT community.

Daddy Dobson is more concerned about confusion over whether this program is affiliated with his organization than actually trying to do something positive in the community. As if anyone would mistake an MCC program for anything affiliated with his wingnut organization. What a f*cking pig. (

In a ceremony marked by tears of joy, a Florida minister was installed Saturday as the new Presiding Bishop of the Metropolitan Community Churches, but the just hours before the service began a Conservative Christian group threatened to take the Church to court.

Washington’s National Cathedral was filled with worshipers as the Reverend Nancy L. Wilson was installed in her new role as leader of the world’s largest predominantly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christian denomination. Wilson succeeds veteran human rights activist, the Reverend Dr. Troy D. Perry.

During the ceremony Wilson unveiled a 10-year international program of social and spiritual transformation for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and the transgendered.

…But, it has raised the hackles of Focus on the Family, a right wing Christian political organization often at the forefront in battles against LGBT civil rights. FOC objected to the name the MCC program was using: “Focus on the Human Family“.

Maybe Dobson’s right — his sheeple are too stupid to be able to tell the difference between a gay-affirming program and his hate machine. I’m glad he’s acknowledging the fact that most of his followers are knuckle-draggers. (UKGayNews, via PageOneQ):

“Even though many of our views are diametrically opposed, apparently Dobson’s organization feels the name of Metropolitan Community Church’s new campaign could create confusion for people,” said the Reverend Wilson.

… “It’s a bit puzzling,” admitted Rev. Wilson. “The ministry of Metropolitan Community Churches is so different from that of James Dobson. His group tends to focus on one kind of family, what they often mistakenly call the ‘traditional family’.

“In Metropolitan Community Churches, we believe that God’s people find many ways to create family, and that includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families.”

…”Dobson’s group is certainly within their rights to defend their trademark as they see fit,” she said. “They may be able to stop the name of our program, but they can’t stop our ministry or our commitment to all members of the human family, especially those that have experienced rejection by other faith communities.”

As a result of the bullying, the MCC has Metropolitan Community Churches will remove the “Focus on the Human Family” name from its website.

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