The peasants are revolting

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Based on the letters from the local San Diego Union, it looks like the natives of this quaint little beach-front town filled with retired and active military are getting a touch restless. You can go here to read the in all of their glory, but here are some snippets:

All this leads to one major conclusion: Rational people can either believe we are in Iraq for other purposes and Bush is lying, or that he is telling the truth and is woefully incompetent to get the job done by comparison to leadership we had in World War II. Your choice.

Either way, we are fighting a more or less conventional war in Iraq as a presumed method of attacking a truly unconventional opponent. We tried a similar thing in Vietnam. It didn’t work very well there either.

Are comparisons between the present situation and past wars overly simplistic? Sure, but comparisons are not totally without value. Everything that happened between Sept. 11, and today has happened during George W. Bush’s tenure in office. If the invasion of Iraq is the equivalent national response to Pearl Harbor, we have not succeeded. Where does the buck stop in the Bush White House?


No person can justify invading and initiating a war against an entire country that did not attack us or threaten to attack us. No person can link Sept. 11, 2001, to Iraq; 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

The Bush administration would like the American public to believe that Iraq is the battleground where we must fight terrorism. That is not true. Wherever terrorism exists, go there and eliminate the terrorists. Don’t invade countries and lie about the cause and effect.

Iraq was about oil and giving contracts to defense contractors and corporate America such as Halliburton.

I also am outraged that few Republican politicians who are so pro-war have kin serving on the front lines in Iraq.

San Diego

At this stage in the chaos known as the occupation of Iraq, one would hope the media in general and the Washington, D.C., press corps in particular would ask Bush why he ordered the invasion of Iraq.

Was it because of weapons of mass destruction? Not so – none existed. Was it because of Iraq’s nuclear capability? Not so – none existed. Was it because Iraq had links to al-Qaeda? Not so – none existed. Was it because Iraq had involvement in Sept. 11? Not so – none existed.

Perhaps some member of the press corps might paraphrase a speech by a late president: “Mr. Bush, tear down your wall of multiple deceptive explanations, and tell the world why you really commenced the war with Iraq.”

El Cajon

In “More good news from Iraq” (Insight, Oct. 23), Robert Caldwell continues to try and put lipstick on the pig by touting recent events in Iraq. Perhaps he needs a brief reality check.

His contention that the constitution is political salvation can easily be refuted by Kenneth Pollack, a former CIA and National Security Council expert on Iraq. Although Pollack was an advocate for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein who agrees that the constitutional referendum was an important step, he says it only amounted to “dodging a bullet than actually making real progress toward the goals of stability and democracy in Iraq.”

In a recent interview with the Council on Foreign Relations, Pollack said the United States likes to focus on such political developments, but “what concerns me is my fear that what really matters in Iraq are other issues, which we have badly neglected: the security of the Iraqi people more broadly; the problems that the security vacuum we’ve created for their political structure; the rise of Iraq’s militias; and the growing disconnectedness between the average Iraqi and the political process that’s taking place inside the Green Zone in Baghdad.”

The worldwide consensus is that U.S. optimism about the constitution and why we relentlessly pushed for its timetable, have been dictated by the constraints of our own domestic political realities, such as Bush’s abysmal poll ratings directly related to the war and the growing realization by the American public that we are firmly entrenched in a costly quagmire of epic proportions with a death toll already past the 2000 mark.


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