Every year, this nation tolerates and embraces new abominations. This year, the perversion being mainstreamed is “same-sex marriage.” But God created and instituted marriage, not man. Sodomite couplings never have been and never will be marriage. Today, I want to share five reasons why so-called same-sex marriage stirs up the wrath of God and will bring even more judgment on our land.

— Ralph Ovadal, pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church, in one of his many sermons

This bonehead is spreading the word — it’s obviously his right to do so. However, folks need to know about the kind of bile this alleged Christian pastor from Wisconsin, Ralph Ovadal, is delivering door to door in Freeport, Illinois (and mailing out all over the country). He sounds like a Fred Phelps wannabe without the budget to travel.

His church, Pilgrims Covenant, according to its web site is “an independent, unlicensed church which is fundamental in doctrine. We believe that the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, was verbally inspired and has been infallibly preserved by God. We believe that in the English language, God has preserved His Word through the King James Bible.” We take literally our Lord’s command to “go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” We reject anti-nomianism and the ecumenical movement.” There you have it. (CBS2 Chicago):

A Wisconsin pastor who says he is on a crusade against homosexual lifestyles has peppered neighborhoods in Freeport with pamphlets, and some residents who found them on their property are angry.

Anti-gay pamphlets were deposited at a number of Freeport homes last week — some to the doors of homosexuals who believe they were being targeted. The pamphlets including anti-gay biblical references were written by Pastor Ralph Ovadal of Pilgrims Covenant Church in Monroe, Wisconsin.

The pamphlet, titled “What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality,” cites biblical references calling homosexual acts filthy, wicked and unlawful.

I had to check out this church’s web site, and I was not disappointed by the kind of lunacy up there. A sampling.

For the past several decades, the homosexual movement has engaged in a massive public relations campaign aimed at demonizing anyone who dares to suggest that American citizens should have a right to discriminate–to use good judgment–when dealing with persons involved in homosexual activity. That campaign has borne bitter fruit.

Open homosexuals, bisexuals, cross-dressers, and transgenders now serve as legislators, judges, policemen, medical technicians, food service workers, teachers, and adopters of children. This is a tragic situation given the fact that the homosexual community is the source of a greatly disproportionate amount of violence, sexual assault, and disease; and it brings the judgment of God upon our land.

I wasn’t kidding when I said this was low-rent Westboro Baptist Church stuff:

Pilgrims Covenant Church members at a Monroe Gospel Witness, Monroe, Wisconsin, September 3, 2005.

But then you read the unhinged sh*t like this and you can’t help wondering how much hatred is stowed up in this man. It’s disgusting and sickening:

The homosexual life is a violent one. Many common homosexual acts themselves do violence to the body. Beyond that, sado-masochism, the intentional infliction of pain for perverse sexual gratification, is very popular in the homosexual community. And even the homosexuals have begun to admit that there is a disproportionate amount of “domestic violence” in their communities, violence directed inward.

Unfortunately, the homosexual community also projects violence outward, as any dispassionate study of history and current events reveals. For instance, considering the small percentage of the world’s population which claims to be homosexual at any given time, the incidence of members of that community committing rape culminating in murder is shocking!

If you want to have some fun, you can contact the church via its web form.

Hat tip, PageOneQ.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding