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Jeebus 'appears' on Rochester, NY tree

Some see face of Jesus in tree on North Clinton Ave. in Rochester, N.Y. (courtesy: WROC-TV)

What is wrong with people? And these numnuts can vote? I think we’ve identified part of that 30% that will cast a ballot for the Chimp no matter how corrupt or incompetent this Administration is. This is from, not surprisingly, WorldNetDaily:

Though the Bible does not give a detailed physical description of Jesus Christ, some people believe they’re seeing an image of the Son of God on a silver maple tree in upstate New York.

“It’s a sign from God that there should be peace,” Maria Trinidad told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. “There is a lot of crime here. People should have faith in God. This is God giving us a sign.”

…The tree is situated on the front lawn of the Hickey-Freeman Co. clothing factory in Rochester’s infamous “crescent,” known for a high rate of crime.

“We can’t physically see Jesus, so we only have signs,” local resident Karen Marshall told the Democrat & Chronicle. “The only way we can know he’s here is through signs. He’s everywhere. You just have to have faith.”

The article goes on to remind us of the “bathroom Jesus,” a moldy door frame that was auctioned off for $2000.

As WorldNetDaily previously reported, people have been seeing what they believe is the image of Jesus’ face in some odd places this year.

“Shower Jesus has been freed from the wall!” exclaimed Jeff Rigo of Pittsburgh, who offered on eBay “a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the Son of God. No other items, promises, tidings, or guarantees are included.”

Rigo was able to sell the holy water stain for $1,999, purchased by Internet casino, the same company which cashed out $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich with an alleged image of the Virgin Mary.

There is more on a holy ham and cheese Jeebus sandwich, but I just couldn’t take any more.

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Pam Spaulding