Fitzmas news conference at 2PM

The lying Scooter will be indicted; it sounds like Karl remains in the crosshairs but will not be swept up in this round.

[UPDATE: see Mike Tidmus’s anticipatory art below.]

Patrick Fitzgerald will give a 2PM news conference to announce…something. Based on the CNN report, it sounds like Scooter Libby is going down, but no Turdblossom indictment. However, looking at the big picture, we’re talking about the indictment of a high-level White House official, tied to this failed war in Iraq.

David Gergen, a former adviser to presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, told CNN’s “Larry King Live” that indictments in the case could have an enormous impact on the Iraq war.

“Because if there are indictments, it will not only be people close to the president, the vice president of the United States, but they will raise questions about whether criminal acts were perpetrated to help get the country into war.”

Folks might also want to keep an eye on the Office of Special Counsel web site. Reports say documents are to be posted at noon.

Also, I saw Ann Coulter on CNN a bit ago. Why they have to give that whack job air time, I don’t know, but she’s worried about the prospect of both an indictment and a continuation of an investigation into Karl Rove. She referred to it as “the worst case scenario.” That alone makes it a pleasurable morning experience.

Unfortunately I won’t be at my computer when the news breaks, so feel free to pass along updates in the comments.

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