I don’t claim to be an “A” student

Grab a seat 

Paul, the lesser of the NotAssrockets at Power Line (he’s the less telegenic one…No, really. It is possible) somehow managed to squeak through both Dartmouth and Stanford Law (don’t these schools have standards any more?) without a well-rounded education in history and math:

Once evidence appeared that Miers might hold a liberal judicial philosophy, some conservatives (including me) argued that, if she could not satisfactorily explain herself, she should lose the votes of conservative Senators. This was not hypocrisy. There can only be one set of rules for voting on judicial nominees. If liberal Democrats persist, as they have, in voting against qualified conservative nominees on purely ideological grounds, conservative Republicans must do the same. We can’t have Ruth Bader Ginsburg waltzing to confirmation with 90 plus votes while conservative nominees struggle to capture a single liberal Democratic vote.

We’ll let the fabulous Lindsey Graham field this one:

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: I would just urge this committee as we go to the next debate to remember that Scalia was obviously conservative. There is no way Roberts is more conservative than Scalia. There is no way that Roberts is more challenging and in your face than Scalia in his writings. Scalia got 98 votes. Now what has happened? Ginsburg got 96 votes; what is going on? I think Sen. Grassley put his finger on it; there is a lot of pressure on us all. This is the easiest vote a Republican will ever make. This is so easy for us to vote for Roberts.

Thanks Lindsey. Now go wait in the car…

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