Soon to share a cell…

If there is any justice in the world Michael Ledeen will be Scooter’s bunkie for being part and parcel to the trumped up rationale for an unneccesary war. So here is Ledeen, dancing and pooh-poohing as fast as he can:

I think the indictment stinks. You have to parse it very carefully to figure out whether Libby is accused of lying to the grand jury or the FBI, or to journalists. Go look. I finally concluded that it says that Libby lied to the grand jury (and elsewhere the FBI) when he testified that he told (Cooper, Miller or Russert) things that in fact he did not tell (Cooper, Miller or Russert).

If that is right, it means that this poor man may well have been indicted because his memory of those conversations differs from the journalists’. And Fitzgerald chose/wanted? to believe the journalists’ memories. Pfui. To this non-lawyer, that’s not good enough to shake up the staff of the vice president of the United States.

Isn’t perjury a knowing lie? Why should Fitzgerald assume, even if he thinks he KNOWS that the journalists’ memories are all reliable, that Libby didn’t misremember the conversations?

Footnote: that’s why lawyers tell clients not to say anything unless they have a very clear recollection of something. They can’t prosecute you for having Halfheimer’s disease…

Then, I entirely agree with those who have said that Fitzgerald has introduced an entirely different rationale into this process. He was supposed to determine if anyone had outed a covert operative. In this indictment, and in his press conference, he just said that her identity was classified, and so he wants to prosecute people for improper use of classified information. I expect the defense will have fun with that one. Is it criminal to say that so and so works at CIA? If so, a lot of normal people and even some journalists should be prosecuted forthwith.

I’m not impressed at all. I think he’s straining, I think he’s forcing this issue, I think it’s unreasonable.

When one considers Ledeen’s previous history involving security clearances and such, and if there is any proof that Ledeen had anything to do with the Italian forgeries that are at the heart of the Plame affair, then I think further indictments would be more than reasonable.



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