New! Different! The same!

PajamAmway Media is going to cause a tectonic shift in the paradigm by thinking outside the box and creating synergy.

I think the previous sentence is what passes for their business plan. And here is why they’ll be different:

Though Simon was still pretty cagey about details last night, wanting to save any big news for the official launch on Nov. 16, it was possible to glean that Pajamas Media will kick off with about 70 blogs on its site and grow to many times that in the months ahead. These blogs will be chosen from across the political spectrum, and will also include lifestyle and sports sites.

In keeping with the nature of the Internet, PM will operate 24/7, with managing editors in L.A., Sydney and Barcelona. An editorial board will approve stories before they appear, and corrections will be made on the front page in real time. There will be no editing of the blogs themselves, to preserve their independence. In every way, readers will be intimately involved with the site, from commenting and correcting, to submitting content, especially events on the ground in distant corners of the world — ultimately providing streaming video.


At the heart of Pajamas Media, says Simon, is that “we are going to be a true citizens’ site,” dedicated to giving readers all points of view, not (like traditional media) deciding what they need to know.(my emphasis)

Wow. The MSM should think about getting themselves some of those “editors” thingys.

It’s a brave new world…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....