Yes, it’s time to see the reaction in the land of the Freepi. First, watch as they bow their heads and drag their knuckles in a prayer thread…

May God be with you, Harriet Miers, and bless you. You have made a courageous move for the good of the President and many others. May He in His glory guide your days, and may you remain in His love forever.

Lord please grant the wisdom of Solomon to our great President right now. Difficult times may be ahead, and he needs you as all men need God, and then some. Help him to make a wise decision on who to nominate, and guide this White House through times of turmoil. Be with them strongly, and remind them to seek you in all decisions always.

Protect George W. Bush from those who would harm him, from those who seeks his destruction for selfish purposes, and from those who would lie, cheat, steal, or kill to get twhat they seek.

Amen, Lord, Amen.

After that short interlude, they get down to the real moaning and griping…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Bring on Janice Rogers Brown!”

“I didn’t like her nomination, but thought the president deserved to have his nominee have her day at the hearings. I think that the Concerned Women of America call to withdraw her nomination yesterday had a lot to do with this. They are a powerful group and held their fire for a long, long time to sift through the evidence. When they finally decided to not support her, they met with Dan Coats yesterday and explained their decision. Miers lost grassroot support. But I still believe she should have been given the opportunity to appear before the judicial committee.”

“This nomination was no effort to “reach out to the conservatives.” President Bush nominated an inadequate candidate with a terrible (to the extent it could be determined) background on a “trust me” basis. In the last 50 years we’ve had 8 “trust me” justices nominated by Republican Presidents and each has gone over to the dark side. Miers’ record shows she’d have been no. 9. If Bush wants to restore his reputation as a straight shooter, he’ll keep his promise and nominate a real originalist.”

“I subcribe more to Frum’s theory. That is, Roberts was for the base, and Miers was for him and his legacy, whatever that is. Giving presidents more independance in waging the terrorism war? Miers, IMO, was not meant for us. “

“I would not be surprised to see a nominee we like even less.”

“That would more or less blow out of the water any argument that he’s some sort of conservative who’s bringing the movement into the modern context. It would reveal him to be a “centrist” or New Deal establishment type. ie. not a reformer of the status quo, but actually to the left of Bill Clinton.”

“Right. If he nominates a strict constitutionalist/originalist then the conservative pundits will sing her praise, FoxNews will sing her praise and the WORST the libs/media can do is discount her positions – posititions the MAJORITY of Americans agree or would agree with. We’re in a win/win position with a fight!”

“I agree. Although Miers was an unlikely choice for the Supremes, she should of been given a chance to prove herself one way or the other in the hearings. The president now has to deal from a position of weakness knowing that whomever he selects was not his first choice for the job. If he wasn’t going to stand up for Miers he shouldn’t have nominated her.”

“”But he (Gonzalez) has the same internal Administration documents problem that was the reason for Meirs’ withdrawal. They have to pick someone not currently serving in the Administration.””


“I didn’t elect Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, or any other elite pundit snob to anything…I hope you people who felt like the President owed you something personally are happy. The combined chorus of your whining has run an honorable person out of town on a rail before she even had her chance at a fair hearing. I voted for George Bush to represent my interests as a Republican and to execute his duties as the POTUS. He did just that according to his judgment. I might not like all the decisions he makes, including his SCOTUS nominations, but he’s our president and it’s his call. If you don’t like it, tough. We had our chance to oust him a year ago, and we didn’t. The people’s will is expressed at the ballot box, not in the op-ed section of the Washington Post. That’s how the system is supposed to work.”

“Well, you may get your way, and watch the liberals take the congress back.. I am truly afraid that this attitude will get us back to another 8-12 years of Liberals controlling everything, some of you folks are either so spoiled, or so near sighed or too young to remember when every bill that passed was a socialist mandate.. Interesting times ahead fir sur..”

“you’re right, it is worth fighting for, but if you do not have to go looking for confrontation. My objection to Harriet Miers is that there are many other far more qualified candidates. There are very conservative candidates that are highly qualified that can be confirmed without things going nuclear. That is the path Bush needs to take now.”

“He might want to nominate Gonzalez–but Gonzalez will have exactly the same problem as Miers, if the “access to confidential White House documents” is really the reason (or even the “reasonable” excuse) for her withdrawal.”

It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents…

“Bullshit! What IS clear is that senators rightly would not be staisfied until they had SOME small indication that Miers had at least some semblance of qualification for what is arguably one of the most important jobs in our federal government.”

“I trust President Bush! Something I have done for 13 years since he has been in the political arena.”

“I don’t really care what you think.”

“You’ve nailed it. This withdrawl makes nomination of internal administration “trust me” cronies impossible.”

“After the shameful treatment of Miers, the table has been set for an all-out borking of any controversial nominee — by either side. I can’t imagine a dignified public servant who would be willing to go through that now that civility has been destroyed again. At least Gonzalez has been up for this before and would have some defense against it for that reason.”

“No one assassinated her CHARACTER; it was her qualifications or the lack thereof. Have a nice day!”

“YOU my friend are wrong. Ann Coulter said Ms. Miers was nothing more than a highly over paid secretary, she said she was like having the cleaning lady sent to S.C. Many of us were turned off by the demands of the likes of Ann Coulter. I will have a good day, but find it a shame that people in my own party can be so turn coat and so demanding in their own temper tantrums.”

“Actually, I supported her until yesterday. I heard about the speeches and since I’m a female attorney, I know the culture of the women’s bar associations (I won’t belong). The trouble is, it is near impossible to become a judge without sucking up to this power group so a conservative woman (I know, why a woman but politically it may be necessary) will be hard to find. BTW, the IOLTA trust account flap was totally bogus. Freepmail if you want to know why.”

“IF the President nominates a clear “strict” justice with an equally clear record, and IF the President and all (or nearly all) of the Republicans unify to fight for her when the Democrats try to destroy him/her, then WE WIN. But those are two big IFs.”

“I hope everyone will exercise a little restraint in their comments over th
e few days, but I know that’s just wishful thinking. This is no time for gloating by Miers’ opponents nor recriminations from her supporters. The fate of the US Constitution and the continued survival of the Republic is literally hanging in the balance pending the next series of moves by President Bush and our other leaders. What is needed right now is prayer and thoughtful reflection, not partisan fireworks.”

“Then you are in the minority. They are still delusional that Rov v Wade can ever be overturned and are letting this cloud their minds.”

“Note to Bush…one name above all: Kenneth Starr”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding