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Karl's concubine wants off that nasty ride

Karl’s been porking lobbyist Karen Johnson, but she wants no more of it. Right: Karl measures up.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Karl’s mistress, lobbyist Karen Johnson is ready to boot him, seeing that he could be heading to a fitting for an orange jumpsuit soon. (Radar Magazine):

In July we reported on the very close relationship Johnson, a single, Austin-based lobbyist, has enjoyed with Rove since they met over a decade ago in Texas. But now that Rove’s White House tenure is looking increasingly shaky, friends are whispering that the forty-something lobbyist—who pulls in well over $1 million a year thanks to her administration connections—may be cooling toward the married presidential advisor.

“Everyone knows how close Karen is to Karl, but she’s sick of it,” says a person familiar with the situation. Johnson’s disapproving family has long urged her to settle down with the improbably named Rhett Hard, a handsome ranch foreman whom Johnson has dated sporadically over the last few years. “Karen’s dream has always been to own a cattle ranch, and two years ago she bought Cinco de Mayo [the name of her Austin property] and hired Rhett to manage the place. They even joined the Cattleman’s Texas Longhorn Registry together.”

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