“It’s the breaking away from traditional values — the kind of lifestyle that has been proven through centuries to work best,” Wright contends. “By throwing that away, what we’re seeing is an increase in violence, an increase in the number of women who are pushed into activities that they may not have been otherwise.”

— Wendy Wright, executive president of CWA

I’m not sh*tting you. Concerned Women for America has blamed “radical feminism” for just about everything, but this takes the cake:

A spokeswoman for Concerned Women for America (CWA) says the recent upswing in arrests of women across the U.S. is a sad result of the breakdown of the family and the abandonment of traditional values in modern society.

A study released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics says the number of women incarcerated in federal and state prisons in 2004 rose four percent, double the increase among men. The study found that women are increasingly participating in drug crimes, violent crimes, and fraud.

Concerned Women for America’s executive vice president, Wendy Wright, believes a link exists between the higher rate of women criminals and what she calls the feminist agenda, a movement away from traditional roles and relationships for women toward an emphasis on so-called female independence and empowerment.

The CWA official says the disheartening trend toward female criminal behavior is directly related to the promotion of “radical individualism,” a concept that she asserts has been pushed by extreme feminists for decades and that “particularly targets women and says women should not be dependent on others.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding