Miers does what George H.W. Bush should have done 59 years ago

In order to spend more time with Karen Hughes’ family, Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration for the Most Totally Bitchin’ Supreme Court evah this morning, which will now allow George W. Bush to select someone who is qualified (and will overturn Roe) in place of Miers who was unqualified (and would overturn Roe.).

The normally upbeat Miers has indicated that she will join a traveling road company of Mama Mia! instead while a distraught and petulant President Bush has refused to come out of his room and he keeps playing Hall & Oates’ She’s Gone over and over and would only say through the door that he would “pay the devil to replace her”.

Dr James Dobson has accepted the offer.

In other news, Hugh Hewitt has been put on suicide watch but they’re not really watching that closely…

(Cross posted with Jo Fish…one of us should have used She’s Out of My Life)



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