Touched by a prosecutor

I’m trying to not get too excited about the whole Plame kerfluffle-on-steroids. I’ve been burned too often by expectations of people doing the right or honorable thing, so I’ll just hold my fire and not start buying Fitzmas presents just yet.

But I did enjoy this little tidbit from Kos:

Thanks to a letter of February, 2004 which Fitzgerald asked for and obtained expaneed authority, the Special Prosecutor is now in possession of an Italian parliament investigation into the forged Niger documents alleging Iraq’s interest in purchasing Niger uranium, sources said.

They said that Fitzgerald is looking into such individuals as former CIA agent, Duane Claridge, military consultant to the Iraqi National Congress, Gen. Wayne Downing, another military consultant for INC, and Francis Brooke, head of INC’s Washington office in an effort to determine if they played any role in the forgeriese or their dissiemination. Also included in this group is long-time neoconservative Michael Ledeen, these federal sources said. (my emphasis)

This of course uncomfortably brushes up against the Corner (where Ledeen dabbles) as well as his real real good buddy, Roger Simon (who is a dabbler in his own right) which should set off more than a few defensive harrumph harrumphs which, in turn, will provide us with hours of entertainment, snark, and completely unfair characterizations.

Life is good.



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