Youth wants to know

Each week the free local San Diego Reader runs a music column that lists stories about local bands, general music gossip, etc. One of the regular features is a listing of demands included in contracts by the bigger bands coming to town (“promoter must supply three cases of Budweiser, three bottles of Jack Daniels, bowl of salted nuts, greased-up dwarf, etc.”) One thing that is almost always included is a request for socks. When the Foo Fighters were in town, they requested ten pairs of cotton tube socks. The latest is Sheryl Crow who is requesting six pairs of black cotton socks.

This is probably a stupid question, but why do they ask for socks?

Please post theories in the comments (click on the time stamp).

Points given for originality and, no, this isn’t a “bleg” of the type that Jonah uses when he’s too lazy to do research which is…always.

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