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My brother's first book is out!

My little brother Tim (“little” is relative, since he’s 37 years old), is a professor at the University of Delaware. He called me yesterday to let me know that he received copies of his first book, “Re-forming The Past: History, The Fantastic, And The Postmodern Slave Narrative.”

This is a rework of his dissertation and, it’s wonderful to say, part of the reason, along with his teaching and service, that he was recently granted tenure at UD this year. The book is published by Ohio State University Press, and it’s up on Amazon.

This work is, he admits, is really not something meant to read for pleasure by a wide audience; his next work will be a more accessible work on jazz. He laughed when he thought about how many folks will actually read his book. He said, “more people will actually learn about it on your blog than will ever buy it.” Actually, more people will read about it on this blog in a couple of hours than will ever buy this academic text, lol.

But that’s ok — it’s just one milestone in what I know will be a great career, and I’m really proud of him, as I know our late mom would be. Love to you, Tim.

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