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Mary Cheney goes to work for AO-Hell

Mary and partner Heather Poe.

I feel sleazy even posting about this woman. She just makes me sick. Note that by taking a marketing position at AOL, she and her partner Heather Poe are entitled to same-sex spousal equivalent benefits, something she cannot get working for her father Darth in the federal government. Will she have a public comment on that? (Advocate):

After stumping for her father’s vice presidential campaign last year, Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney, has returned to the private sector with a content programming position at AOL. Cheney will be working under AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis, who leads the company’s Audience Business, a marketing division of the Internet behemoth that seeks to grow AOL’s Internet audience via Web-based programming and products such as and

AOL is thrilled that Mary Cheney is joining us in a position where she’ll be reporting to Ted Leonsis,” AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham told

AOL is owned by the world’s largest media company, Time Warner, known for gay-friendly practices. Time Warner offers workplace protections for gay and lesbian employees as well as providing benefits for same-sex domestic partners equal to those for heterosexual married couple.

The article also mentions the million-dollar advance from Simon and Schuster for her certain-to-be white-washed “memoirs” about life on the campaign trail in 2004. I posted about that nonsense here.

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