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Tim Graham, one of the lesser lights of The Corner (we’re guessing about three watts) complains about news coverage:

Usually the phrase “Monday morning quarterbacking” looks backward, as in fans or analysts replaying a football game and telling how differently they would have advised playing it. But when it comes to the news cycle, you could define Monday morning quarterbacking as trying to signal where the news agenda SHOULD go this week. The network morning shows (with Russert, Stephanopoulos, and on CBS, pundit Amy Walter) were heavy on this line for the week: White House indictments, or The Night Before Fitzmas? 2,000 dead in Iraq? And is the Miers nomination dead yet? They clucked in objective third-person tones that the news was all bad for Bush, without noting that they are the news manufacturers, not just the news deliverers. “The news is all bad for the president” — this use of the third-person by the media should be just as off-putting as the politician’s variety: “Bob Dole won’t stand for it.”

That’s not to say Miers isn’t a mess, or that the Plamegate probe WON’T come to indictments. But there is a heavy foot on the speculative bad-news accelerator today.

This must be in line with Warren Bell’s earlier post:

I spoke today at a panel discussion as part of the Liberty Film Festival. Hosts and organizers Govindini Murty and Jason Apuzzo were very gracious to invite me. The crowd was bright, and appreciative, as they always seem to be at these sort of things. A number of Corner readers said hello, and I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around to chat, but my kids had a charity Halloween carnival to get to.

Meanwhile, Govindini told me that Friday’s program was marred when two men rushed the stage while David Horowitz was speaking, screaming something along the lines of “you have no right to speak here!” I’ve seen no media coverage of this anywhere — has anyone else?

MSM bastards…what else are they hiding from us? Michelle Malkin has promised a five-part series on Horowitz-gate just as soon as she as decides whether they should be “unhinged moonbats” or “moonbats who are unhinged”.

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