America Hates America. Loves Scooby.

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Two weeks ago Meghan Barsham, the plucky-but-not-entirely-bright Townhall movie reviewer, told us the USA was back at the movies! bigger and better than ever!

Much has been made lately of Hollywood’s ongoing slump. Theories for it have ranged from the technological (DVDs and high definition television create home theaters that rival big screens) to the qualitative (for the first time, studios are openly considering the idea that bad scripts, bad directing, and bad acting might have something to do with audiences staying away).

While both are valid arguments, screenwriter Craig Titley pointed out on this site that history reveals another culprit: political hubris. Titley suggests that the film industry’s blue state machinations have turned 51 percent (the red-state percent) of the ticket-buying market off by insulting their values and mocking their patriotism.


But the junket I recently attended for Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown indicates that filmmakers may finally be getting the message that if they want to sell movies to the “right” half of the country, they can’t make America the bad guy. In fact, if the Elizabethtown marketing machine is any indication, Hollywood’s new movie-selling mantra may very well be, “We love the U.S. of A!”

But even the best laid mantras o’mice an’ marketing machines gang aft a-gley as Elizabethtown has pulled in $18,953,000 in two weeks with a drop off of 46% last week down to $5,725,000…or about $10 million less than Doom did in three days.

That’s what Meghan gets for being mesmerized by that smooth-talking Craig Titley and his riveting out-of-school tales from the closed set of the Scooby-Doo movie .

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