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28% would not support a woman running for President

I guess this is food for thought for those ready to back a Hil or Condi candidacy. A chunk of the sheeple just can’t visualize a woman running the country. I don’t know who these people are, but the penis-possessing clown currently marking time in the Big Chair isn’t representing men very well right now. His current behavior suggests that he actually needs a high chair.

A WNBC/Marist Poll asked folks whether they could vote a woman into the Oval Office, and the results are interesting.

Question Wording: If the Democratic/Republican Party nominates a woman for president in 2008, are you very likely, likely, not very likely, or not likely at all to vote for her?

26% Very Likely or Likely if Democrat or Republican
25% Very Likely or Likely Only if Democrat
21% Very Likely or Likely Only if Republican
28% Not Likely Regardless if Democrat or Republican

Not surprisingly, women are more likely to pull the lever for a female presidential candidate than men. 31% of women would support a woman for president regardless of whether she is a Democrat or a Republican. 33% of men would not support a woman for the country’s highest office no matter which party nominated her. But age matters. 41% of women younger than forty-five years old would support a female presidential candidate regardless of the party who nominated her compared with 28% of their forty-five and older counterparts. Only 26% of men younger than forty-five years old would not vote for a woman president regardless of her political party compared with 36% of men who are forty-five years of age or older.

There is also information about Hillary specifically. As expected, she is a polarizing figure.

Although 46% of registered voters think Senator Clinton is about right on the ideological spectrum, 39% say she is too liberal. These two views of Hillary Clinton are colored by partisan lenses. 78% of Democrats think she is ideologically well positioned. 74% of Republicans characterize her as too liberal. Independent voters divide. 38% of these voters think she is too liberal, and 41% believe her views are about right.

If 28% of voters cannot find a way in their minds to cast a vote for a any woman, certainly adding current public perception of Hillary Clinton to the mix almost ensures that she can’t get elected.

Of course this poll could be a throwaway given how early it is, but I’d like to see more detail on why 28% would automatically disqualify a woman regardless of party affiliation.


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