Mike Tidmus slimes the DeLay mugshot

Mike’s way too kind to me in this post, but it’s funny. He’s referring to my post earlier in the week on the sleazebag former exterminator’s booking. I like the little sign o’ the fish on his lapel, Mike. 🙂

Here’s one to go on future lapels:

Pam Spaulding feels cheated by Texas Republican Congressman Tom DeLay’s much-anticipated mug shot. I can only imagine that Pam, the hardest working blogger in the blog-o-sphere, must have been handed one of those phony, heavily-PhotoShopped versions of the mug shot being furtively distributed by DeLay’s legal team. We can’t have Pam Spaulding feeling cheated now, can we?

So, here’s the real thing, completely unretouched by human hands (I used a mouse!). Note: absolutely no pixels were harmed and no predominately Democratic districts in Texas were gerrymandered in the creation of the image above.

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